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    “Do you think that i'm a machine that i can bear it.
      Do you think that i'm poor, plain, obsecure and little that i have no that i'm without soul.
      I have as much heart as you and as much soul.
      And if God had given me some beauty and wealth, I would make it as hard for you to leave me as it is now for me to leave you."

    Jane Eyre

    An education.
    a quiet England movie.Somehow a bit painful Carey.Jenny.

    " Jane Eyer will be not be over-whelmed."


    It's a spcecial journey ,a combination of pleasure and difficulty.
    Every girl has a romantic dream.
    Of getting out of the "rough and dull" schoolwork.
    Of the so intriguing concerts,nightclubs,parties
    Of the passionate,vigorous flames of love and desires.
    Of releasing the true self hiding inside from the rigorous public.
    of throwing everything that is pointless and be who you wanna be.
    Serana is sucha peson,she can afford lose and repair her life.
    But for the majority of others,they won't.
    They are young and helpless.
    You are a quiet,integregate lady,and you are maybe not yet a woman.
    You innocent lady,rapture,fantasy,generous with your boby and soul
    then end up losing everything.
    And you questioon,what indeed is behind the fantastic world.
    What the fuck are the guys .
    The world is empty.You are lonely.Every one's destiny.
    And you realize there is no shortcut in life, you want love,
    then you have to wait.
    Peace doesn't mean bordom.It is a resposible and mature and kind attitude to life.
    Like Jane Eyer.
    Yes she is just like Jane.And peacefully,she shall be educated about how to taste the estacy and bitter in it.
    Isn't it a turn from idealism to realism.
    Like the contrast between Jane Eyer and Wuthering Heights,in which I prefer the former one,who is not destructive
    but more tranquil and serenes,howing a greater courage and faith in lovea nd life itself .
    But even if you know it's a trap, a lie,a tale without a happy ending
    You wanna be indulged in it.
    You will yourself in it.
    And melt,break your heart and see onerwhemlingly clearly.
    WE didn't try.WE couldn't understand.and the trap awiting ahead
    will be unexpectedly perilous.
    will you regret
    Don't be so sensitive.People make mistakes. All their life.
    If you would view it as a mistake that was lucky not to be made.
    you come to some places without anyone to share your joy and fear with.
    you need to get through wandering paths on your own.


     1、You know that I am trying to bring up these girls to be strong,  patient and unselfish.  If some little luxury is not available,  do not replace it with something else,  but tell them to be brave and suffer,  like Christ Himself.

    Who are happier ,those who love and live for roght noe,if without the real meaning,or those who keep to themselves and fight for their future.
    But future will eventually be right now.

    1. John Eyer明明被告知Jane的死讯,为何多年后临死前还要执着地把遗产留给死人。

     2、Man shall not live by bread alone , but by the word of God. Madam, when you put bread into these children's mouths ,you feed their bodies but you starve, their souls.

    I wish to be free and dash to the boundary of limit.I admire he who dares to challenge,to follow whose own heart.

    2. 如果Rochester没有眼瞎毁容,他对对Jane的挽留会不会还那么肯定?向他这种需要the companian of human being的人,或者会娶另外一个女子?

     3、you have been accused , but you have the chance to defend yourself.

    And I guess that's why I fall.

    "The rules were rigid: a high-status man falls in love with a lower-status, but worthy and deserving, woman (or girl, that was even better). Fifty years of feminism and education and success had done little to eradicate the power of this myth. But how many women would eagerly sign up for the opposite: high status woman (smart, powerful, successful) falls in love with lower-status male and ends up taking care of him?" says by Candace Bushnell

     4、I had dreams of a greater and better life and above all , I wanted to do more . People are not always satisfied with a quiet life , and women as well as men need action.

    life is just so confusing.

     5、No sir, no just you because are older and more experienced than me . You would have the right only if you'd made good use your experience of life.

     6、No it won't, what i really should do is change my character, and my still could but--it's difficult. And if I can't have happiness , I want plasure, even if it's wrong.

     7、But in time you will be more natural with me, and laugh , and speak freely. You're like a restless bird in a cage. When you get out of the cage, you'll fly very high.

     8、But one day you'll come to a point in life's stream where the wild force of the waves may destroy you, where the noisy rushing water may drown you! I'm calm enough now, calm enough to like living here at Thornfiled.

     9、Last night-his words , his look, his voice! And my cheeks were red as I thought of those precious moments.

     10、You, Jane Eyre ,  I accused my reflection in the mirror, you are the biggest fool in the world! How could you imagine that a gentleman of family and wealth would love you, a plai(朴素)little governess! Just look at yourself! And i decided that next dat i would draw a honest sketch(素描)of myself ,and then one of the Blance Ingram , painting the most lovely face I could imagine, according to Mrs FairFax's description.

     11、let me look at your face, your eyes and your mouth show me that feelings are important to you, but your forehead shows me that common sence is your main guide in life.

     12、They will obviously be an extremely happy couple, although i told Miss Ingram something about the Rochester property which made her look quite depressed. If a wealthier gentleman comes along, Mr Rchester might lose his Beautiful bride.

     13、I wish I were on an island with you and nobody else, with no trouble or danger or terrible memories to make me suffer . How can i help you sir? I'd give my life to help you .

     14 、But if they only looked at me coldly , and whispered behind their hands about me, and then left me one by one? I'd stay with you,sir, to comfort you.

     15、And the whole world disapproved of me, would you still stay with me? If you deserved my friendship, as I'm sure you do, i wouldn't care about the other people's disapproval.

     16、Now Jane, suppose a boy in a foreign country makes a mistake, not a crime, mind you. The result of this mistake have a terrible effect on his own life. He comes home after years of suffering and meets someone, who is fresh and good and pure. Now, can he ignore society, can he forget the past, and live the rest of his life with her in peace? It was a difficult question to answer . In the end i said, you can't rely on a human to cure you of evil and give you peace.

     17、In that time i had made some friends, gained much self-confidence ,and finally lost of my hatred of the Reeds. I was delighted to see my old friends Bessie again. She had married Robert the coachman , and was very busy with her three young children. The house itself had not changed at all , hut my cousins certainly had .

     18、it was quite clear they had no real feeling for their mother, and were almost looking forward to her death. One dark, stormy night i visited the dying woman. She lay there asleep in her room, neglected by her daughters and servants . As i looked out of the window into the black emptiness , i wondered about the great mystery of death.

     19、Dear aunt, I said, "don't think about that any more, I was only a child, it's no surprising i was nuisances." You were always so angry and violent, such a wicked child! Not as wicked as you think, i would loved you if you'd let  me.

     20、Forget it all and kiss me now, aunt . But it's too late for her to break the habit of dislike, and she turned away from me. Poor woman, she died soon afterward, keeping her hatred of me alive in her heart and no one at Gateshead cried for her.

     21、It was a warm June evening , and i felt glad to be going home. I had to remind myself sternly that Thornfiled was not my permanent home, and that's the person I was so looking forward to seeing was perhaps not even thinking of me.

     22、You come from another world, Jane ,from the world of dead. I think you must be a spirit.

     23、I only wish I were more handsome, as she's so beautiful. Can't you put one of your spell on me, to make me more attractive to her? That's beyond the power of magic, sir. I replied, while thinking, to someone who loves you, you are handsome enough. Mr Rochester was sometimes able to read my thoughts, but this time he just smiles warmly at me. And opened the  gate . " Pass, friend, he said, and welcome home."

     24、I almost began to hope. It was middle of the summer, and everyday the sun shone the green filed, the white, baked roads, and the cool, dark woods.

    澳门新葡萄京官网注册, 25、it's such a long way away, sir! I was fighting to keep my tears bake. There was an icy coldness in my heart.

     26、Let's sit on this bench, Jane, like old friends say goodbye. You know, I sometimes feel you and I were connected by a string tying our two hearts together, and if you went into Ireland, I think that string might break and i might bleed to death.

     27、Do you think I can watch another woman become your bride? Do you think I'm a machine, without feelings? Do you think, because I'm small and poor and plain, that i have no soul and no heart? Well, you are wrong! I have as much soul and heart as you. It's my spirit that speaks to your spirit ! We are equal in the sight of God!  

     28、Sometimes he was angry with me and called me "a hard little thing " or a " cruel spirit " , but i preferred that to being call "my daring "  I saw that Mrs FairFax approved of my correct behavior, and i knew that he respected me for it.

     29、My blood ran cold. It wasn't Mrs FairFax or any of the servants , it wasn't even Grace Poole, it was a horrible sight.

     30、There was nobody else except who were standing at the bake of the church , The ceremony began, and soon i heard the priest (神父、牧师)come to the point in the wedding where he had to ask " Is there any reason why these tow people should not be married ?" The priest paused at a second , as was the custom , but before he could continue, a voice from the back of the church said clearly, " there is a reason " the priest look up from his book and stood silent.

     31、It growled like a wild animal , but it wore  clothes, and had long, thick, dark hair. " How are you, Mrs Poole ? " asked the master. And how is your patience today? Not bad,sir.  answered Grace. But be careful. She will cry abd bite you if she see you, sir. Just then the shape turned and with a fierce cry attacked Mr Rochester violently. I recognize her dark and ugly face.

     32、I was weak and exhausted , and only just beginning to  realize what had happen. Could i ever again trust the being I had turned in a sort of god? I would not think him as a evil, but he could not have felt real love of me . How foolish i had been to believe him, and love him so much. My hopes were all dead, and my future was empty . I lay on my bed, faint and wishing for death, while darkness swam around me.

     33、You are planning to destroy my hope of happiness . You intended to be a stranger to me frome now on.

     34、I had been struggling with tears for some time and now l let then flow freely . It was a great relief.

     35、We'll live happily and innocently together in a little white house I have in the south of France. Jane, don't shake you head , or I will get angry.

     36、I pity you, sir, I do pity you. Pity, Jane. Is an insult(凌辱) from some people , but from you I accept it as the Mother of love.

     37、The first time she nearly burnt me in the bed , and the second time she visited you, and must have been remind of her own wedding day by seeing your wedding dress. And what did you do,sir, when you had brought her here.

     38、You are at the center of my heart. It was stupid of me to try to marry you like that without explaining. I should have confessed(坦白、公开)everything as i do now, and appealed to your great generosity(慷慨)of spirit . I promise to love you and stay with you forever, Jane, promise me the same.

     39、In the struggle and confusion that was going on in my heart. I knew that he loved me and i loved him, but I alos knew that I must leave him.

     40、Live without doing wrong, and die hoping to go to heaven.

     41、 Rushing furiously(狂怒的、猛烈的)across the room, he seized(抓住) me violently and stare fiercely into my eyes. He could have broken me in two with one hand, but he could not break my spirit. Small and weak as i was, I stare firmly back at him. You yes, Jane. He said, are the eyse of a bird, a free, wild being.

     42、The moonnight shone in to my bed room, as it did then , and I saw a vision on the ceiling(天花板、隔板) a white figure looking down on me. It seemed a whisper to my spirit. Daughter, leave now before you are tempted(怂恿)to say.

     43、Setting out on the road , i could not help thinking of Mr Rochester despair when he found himself abandoned . I hate my for wounding him, and for perhaps driving him to a life of wickedness , or even death.

     44、I should be mich happier here as a schoolteacher, free and honest, in the healthy heart of England. But strangely enough, St Jone Rivers found me found me crying as he approached the cottage. Frowning at the sight of the tears on my cheeks, he asked me, "Do You regret    acceptting this job, then?"  Oh , no " I replied quickly . I'm sure I'll get used it soon. And I'm really very greatful to have a home and work to do.

     45、Indeed, I must! It's the great work God has chosen me to do. I shall carry with me to zinto the darkest corners of the world knowledge , peace, freedom, religion, the hope of haven. This is what I live for, and what i shall die for.

     46、The governess disappeared soon after this, and although investigations have been carried out, and advertisements played in newspapers, and every effort made to find her , nobody knows where she's gone . But she must be found, Mr Brigges , a lawyer, has something very important to tell her .

     47、It was hard to realize my new situation . A fortune brings serious worries and responsibilities with it , which i could hardly imagine.

     48、No, I didn't! But then what---and I stopped as light flooded my mind and i sew clearly the chain of circumstances which connects us. But St Jone continued his explaination .

     49、The people who had saved my life were my close relations. This was wealth indeed to a lonely heart, brighter, and more life-giving than the heavy responsibility of coins and gold.

     50、The air of the moors, the freedom of home, and the beginning of independence made Diana and Mary happier than I had ever seen them. Only St Jone remained apart from our conversations and laughter. He continued his serious studies and spend much time visiting the sick as usual. Do you still intend to be a missionary? Diana asked him once, a little sadly.

     51、I feel under his freezing spell, obeying all his commands without thinking. One evening, at bedtime, as ge kissed his sister good night, and was holding out his hand to shake mine, as usual. Daina said ,laughing . St Jone! You aren't treating Jane like one of the family! You should kiss her too.

     52、What does your heart say to that , Jane? " My heart is silent ---my heart is silent " I murmured. Then I must speak for it, said the deep,stern voice . Jane, come with me to India as a missionary !

     53、The  iorn bars of a cage seemed to be closing in around to me.

     54、So i said " I'm ready to go with you to India, but as a sister, not as a wife. " He shook his head , you must see that's impossible. No, a sister could marry at any time , and leave me . I need a wife, who will obey me in life, and who will stay with me until death.

     55、But when I reached the great stone columns (圆柱)of the main gates, I stood still in horror . There, where i had hoped to see a fine, impressive house, was nothing but a blackened heap  of stones , with the silence of death about it.

     56、 Although he kept looking up eagerly at the sky, it was obvious that he could see nothing .After a while he stopped, and stood quietly there, the rain falling fast on his bent , uncovered head.

     57 、I can't see, but i must feel, or my heart will stop, and my brain will brust! Let me touch you, or i can't live.

     58、My living daring! So you aren't living dead in a ditch somewhere! It is a dream? I've dreamed so often of you, only to weak in the morning , abandoned , my life dark , my soul thirty.

     59、"Jane, will  you marry me ,a poor blind me with one hand, twenty years older than you ?" Yes, sir.(看到这里,眼泪都快出来了,最感动的一句话了,Yes, sir!)

     60、 He knows that the end of his life is near , but he has no fear of death, and looks forward to gaining his place in heaven.

                                                      ------The End



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